Scholarship Information


Windward O’ahu AAUW annually awards college scholarships to Windward residents with priority given to women of diverse and disadvantaged circumstances or to those who are returning to higher education after a hiatus.  The first scholarship was awarded in 1971.  To date, $ 284,720 has been awarded to women who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

The grants are to be used for educational expenses at a regionally accredited, post-secondary institution in the state of Hawai’i. Grants are paid directly to the institution after verification of acceptance of the recipient.  The grant is for study at the undergraduate level only, for use in the year in which it is awarded.

Application packets for grants for 2023-2024 will be accepted between January 1, 2023 and March 1, 2023.  Link –>

Contributions to the grant awards are managed by the Windward O’ahu Scholarship Fund, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.   Branch fundraising proceeds from luncheons, book sales, and other activities benefit the Scholarship Fund.  Other contributions to the fund are made to the annual Endowment Fund Drive or by members wishing to contribute in memory of a friend or family member.

Applicants must be:

    • Legal Hawai’i Residents of Windward O’ahu (Kahuku through Waimanalo).
    • Enrolled in or accepted for admission at a regionally accredited post-secondary institution in the State of Hawai’i and have not previously earned a baccalaureate degree.
    • Enrolled in a classified degree program.

Selection will be based on academic potential and demonstrated financial need as determined by the Local Grants Committee of the Windward Branch.  Preference will be given to previous grant recipients in good academic standing.