About Us

The Windward O’ahu branch of AAUW was chartered in 1959.  From the original 55 members, the group has grown to approximately 80 in number.  Programs planned by the founding members were much the same as those of today.  Special study groups and community projects were developed.  The Educational Grants fund evolved to include not only high school graduates entering college but included women re-entering college.  Today, the branch sponsors the Windward O’ahu Scholarship Fund, a separate entity with 501 C3 status which allows donors a tax deduction for contributions.

Along with community participation in the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) program, members participate in Interest Group meetings which include two book groups, a Great Decisions study group, an ArtSmarts group and and informal Lunch Bunch group.  Members also enjoy a general monthly meeting, a Holiday celebration and the final Scholarship Luncheon.  From 1970 to the present, college scholarships totaling over $ 200,000 have been awarded to Windward women with priority given to women of diverse and disadvantaged circumstances and to women returning to higher education after a hiatus.

For more information about the Windward O’ahu Branch college scholarships, please go to the Scholarships page.  For more information about how to become a member, please go to the Membership page.