Events Calendar

Branch members enjoyed the first meeting of the year meeting and hearing from Hawaii’s new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Christina Kishimoto.


September 1  Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Superintendent of Schools in Hawai’i  Our “new” superintendent has been on the job for one year now. What has she seen in schools and how does she propose to make the schools better?  What does the future hold?  Please bring questions for the Superintendent.

October 8  Marilyn Moniz Kaho’ohanohano  “Believe It, Achieve It”  As a beneficiary of Title IX, Marilyn is very supportive of the program that landed her on the first women’s volleyball team at UH in 1972, then as assistant director of athletics.  She will enlighten us about how Title IX equalizes the ‘”playing field” for girls in Athletics and Academics in schools.

November 3  Enjy El-Kadi  “I am a Muslim Arab- American”  As a graduate from Castle High School and college in the US whose parents emigrated from Egypt, and who works for Honolulu Magazine, Enjy thinks of her family as “typical” in that “-most immigrants aim to get an education and give back to the country that gave them a second chance.”

January 5  Kirsten Downey went to various public schools, graduating from Kailua High. She believes she got a good education here.  She went on to write for many prominent papers across the country, doing mostly investigative pieces. While working at the Washington Post, she shared in a Pulitzer for coverage of the shootings at Virginia Tech. She has also written books about two important women in history.

February 2  Maisa Thayer, a member of our Windward Community, will tell us about her experiences as a winner of the Hawai’i AAUW NCCWSL (National Conference of College Women Student Leaders) award to attend leadership training at the University of Maryland.  The conference prepares young women to “transform their campus and community”, and is considered the best of its kind.

March 2 Lyla Berg  Previously a beloved teacher and respected Principal of Kailua Intermediate School, Lyla has gone on to do SO many things! She has international experience, many college degrees, including a PhD in Education, was a member of the state House, is founder of Kids Voting Hawai’i, has numerous community awards and currently runs her own business which develops the best in people.

April 6 Jody Allione  from Ho’olanapua, an organization which provides educational training to increase awareness of sex trafficking, provide safeguards for vulnerable persons and foster an interactive, multi-disciplinary, anti-trafficking community through outreach to neighborhoods, prevention program in schools, first-responders, service providers, lawmakers, and the population at large.

May 4  TBA